Netherhall: Save our local parks and playgrounds

Newly elected Councillor for Humberstone, Hamilton and Netherhall, Daniel Crewe is demanding that the city mayor drops his plans to build on the local green spaces. 

Join Daniel in this campaign by adding your name to the letter below:

'Dear City Mayor,

As you will know a key reason for my election success is down to the plans you have submitted to build on critical green spaces in my ward, especially in Netherhall.

The pandemic has shown how crucial these green spaces are for everybody in society, especially children.

Ruining so much green space in such an already overbuilt area will lead to nothing but negative effects. There are much better places to build houses in our city than on Netherhall Road, Newlyn Parade or Rayleigh Green.

Myself and the undersigned demand that you scrap the plans to build on the above green spaces immediately. The anxiety you have already created means you cannot wait any longer.

I will not rest until you have ruled out building on any greenbelt land in my ward.


Yours Sincerely


Daniel Crewe

Councillor for Humberstone, Hamilton and Netherhall'

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