Meet the new Chairman!

Following the resignation of former Chairman, Nick Bryars, the City of Leicester Conservatives' new Chairman is Andy Bayford. We asked Andy for his thoughts about becoming the Chairman in these interesting times for the Conservative Party in Leicester.

"Firstly, I have to thank Nick for his time as Chair. He is a very passionate Conservative and one of the hardest working activists I have had the pleasure to meet. During his tenure he found himself having to tackle some very big issues and he did so remarkably. He left for personal reasons and he will be greatly missed and will be a very hard act to follow.

"I have been involved with the Party in Leicester for nearly 10 years and take up the mantle of Chair in difficult times. No one could deny that we were soundly beaten in the local elections in May, where we lost 7 out of our 8 Councillor seats including my own in Knighton. The Labour Party are well organised to fight elections and did so very effectively. The result is a very bad result for Leicester, as it allows the Labour Party, headed by the new mayor to make and change policies completely unchecked. There is no effective opposition, and whilst Ross Grant has proved he is a remarkable Councillor and able to punch well above his weight with the press and in the Council Chamber, it is very difficult for him on his own. The Labour Party with their current numbers will only form factions, which we are seeing already and the inevitable infighting is already occurring.  Obviously as a Conservative it is nice to see them fight each other, but this is not good for our City and our residents deserve better.

"As Conservatives in Leicester, we now need to move on from the devastation loss and move forward with a renewed hope. I believe we have excellent leadership at the top of the Party. Very difficult decisions have to be taken based on the economy. Policies are being implemented to get Britain prosperous again without the massive burden of debt that our socialist opposition continually try to burden us with. Against the back drop of the current European Banking and Sovereign Debt Crisis, this will undoubtedly be a tough time for the Country as a whole but we must fight through it. Keeping our spending in check ensures we can keep the interest rate at its record low level. Whilst other Countries have seen their credit ratings lowered, the UK remains strong because of a Conservative led Government.  

"We need to consolidate and fight sensibly and efficiently in Leicester. We need to campaign more effectively and get the message out that only the Conservatives can provide effective opposition to the local Labour Mayor and then press forward united."

If you would like to get in touch with Andy he can be contacted by email: